Confirmation email not being received

To resend the confirmation email:

  • Find the Registration 
  • Click the Actions button
  • Select View and re-send Confirmation 
  • Re-send the confirmation

There are a few reasons why the registrant may not have received the email:

  • The guest's email may be restricted behind a firewall or spam filter. This is unfortunately is not within InviteRight's control. We suggest that you advise the guest to check the junk or deleted email folder.  
  • The notification to send confirmation emails to your guest may not be turned on. In the Actions button next to the Edit button to your event, select "Notifications" and check to see that "Email guests a copy of the confirmation" is checked.

  • The email address provided in the registration has a typo and InviteRight sent the email to an incorrect email address. Please check the email address within the registration against the email you have on file with your guest. If it is incorrect, you can edit their email and resend their confirmation.

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