Moving guests to a different table, booth or team

Access the interactive floor map:

  • Click on the Map tab

To find the guests you want to move:

If you know the table number where the group or guest is sitting:

  • Ensure that you are set to "View: Table Numbers" using the drop down toggle. 
  • Click on the table number that your guests are at.

If you only know the guest's name:

  • Click in the Search Guests box located just below the map
  • type in the guest's name.
  • This will return a list of guests, click on the guest you need.
  • The guest's details will appear showing you the table that guest is seated at.
  • You can then click on the table as per above
To move guests or a group of guests:
  • After identifying the table or guests (using the process above), review the groups sitting at the table.  Each registered group will show as an icon of a "group" (three little orange people) and individual attendees (a single purple person)
  • You can move either the entire group, or an individual person from one table/booth/team to another. 
  • Hover your cursor over either type of icon until you see your cursor change from an Arrow to a 4 Direction Arrow. Click to "pick up" the icon, hold down the click and "drag" the icon to the desired location.
  • You can also use the "Move Attendees" button to move an entire table group to a different table.

TIP: contact the moved guests by re-sending the confirmation to any guests that you have moved; this will avoid any confusion on where they will be sitting on the day of the event.

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