Creating custom reports

Reports are great for creating guest lists, sharing information with the venue about who is sitting where and guest allergies, and keeping track of key guest data.

TIP:  If you are using an Interactive Floor Map, you can utilize InviteRight's default "Map Reports" to create Table Number Reports and Guest Lists with Dietary Restrictions.

You can create a custom view of your guest response data table by:

  • Click the Actions button next to Add RSVP/ Registration
  • Click Create New View

  • Provide a Name to your View
  • Click Add / Hide Move Columns to edit which columns will be displayed in your View

  • The column editor will appear

  • Select the item you want to remove, and click the "-" sign to move to the hidden columns section.  You can also change the order of the columns by dragging each item up and down
  • Select Save to update the screen.
  • If you are satisfied with your changes and have provided a name for your View, click Save
  • The View will now appear in the drop down next to Response View

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