Software Requirements

For your guests who register:

Our registration forms are designed to work in almost any web browser, from Blackberrys and iPhones to 20 year old computers. 

As long as your guests have internet access, the registration process is as simple and straight forward as browsing the web.

Event Organizers:

You will need a supported web browser with Javascript, cookies enabled, and popup windows allowed using any of the web browsers below:

  • Internet Explorer Version 9 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0 or newer
  • Safari 3 or newer
  • Google Chrome  

Make sure popup windows are allowed. Not sure how to enable pop up windows? See: 

Google Pop-up Blocker
Internet Explorer
MSN Toolbar
Mozilla Firefox

Make sure Cookies are enabled. Here are some tips to enable cookies: 
Internet Explorer version 7 Block or allow cookies
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above
Safari 3 or above

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