Information and Privacy

For InviteRight and CampusRight Organizers and Owners, we use your email address to create your username, which you use to login to the Administration Area. Once your event is ready to open to registration, we email you the event invitation that you can forward to your guests, and you will receive an optional notification each time a guest responds. InviteRight does not sell or distribute your personal information to anyone and will only send you emails related to our services and our own tips, if you agree to it.

The InviteRight staff are committed to ensuring your privacy and we make every effort possible to protect both yours and your guests' information.  We only use information collected on the site to improve our services. InviteRight does not sell or distribute personal information to anyone.

InviteRight does not require your contact lists to send invitations. Instead, InviteRight forwards you an invitation that you send out using your own email program. Your guests click on a link that allows them to respond on your own InviteRight response webpage.  The names and emails of registrants are used solely for the purpose of tracking responses, and are stored in your administration area for your convenience. Their information is not used by InviteRight nor is it shared with 3rd parties.

Do not give out your password to others and only send your event URL to people that you want looking at your RSVP and registration information.

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