Status Progression

Your forms will essentially proceed through four distinct periods:

  Creation - the first period of creating your event where you determine settings, details and the aesthetics of your form in the Setup and Edit stages.

Testing  - the second period of your event where you enter test registrations into the event that you have created so far. Multiple test registration can be done (and InviteRight encourages you to enlist the help of others in testing!) Determine if you have provided all necessary text and have asked every necessary question on your form by practicing the generating of reports, editing registrations and processing refunds using your test registrations. You can always return to Setup or Edit to make changes. Once you've made changes we recommend completing additional testing to ensure that the forms look and work the way you need them to. Test responses are lost every time you put the event forms back into Setup or Edit.

the third stage of an event. Once you have completed your testing and you are satisfied to accept real registrations, you can set you event to Ready or Open. In a Ready state, only you may enter actual registrations - the public will only see the Countdown Page until the appointed Registration Open Date. If you Open immediately, the public will be able register to your event. Only certain items on your form will be editable once you have opened your event. Click here to find out what you can and cannot change after your forms are Open.

Closed  - the final stage of an event. When the registration deadline or guest capacities have been reached the form will automatically close. The event organizer may also close the event to prevent the public from continuing to register from the Administration Area. The event organizer still has access to the event to process registrations, change the start date, or increase the guest limit, and to re-open the event if necessary.  If no further work is required for the event (entering new registrations, processing refunds, creating reports) the event organizer may decide to Archive the event, to hide it from the active event list.

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