Theme design - adding logos and pictures to your form

A theme has three parts – the header and the footer and the background color. To create these you must use an image editing/creating program such as Paint, Corel Draw, or Adobe Photoshop.

The  header image must be a JPEG less than 150kb, dimensions of 760 px wide by 150px high

The  footer image must be a JPEG less than 150kb, dimensions of 760px wide by 75px high

The  background color must be a hexidecimal color code, or let InviteRight help you choose the background color from your header and footer image.

Design Tips

If you would like to create a seamless look for your banner and background, or want a shorter (less than 150px) banner height, you can use white or your background color to achieve the desired effect. Here are a few examples:

Seamless Banners:A seamless banner uses the background color and a white bottom to create a different shape:

Shorter header banner 
You can add white underneath or the background color on top to make your image appear smaller:

Once you have prepared your header and footer, go to the themes tab in your admin area and click the "Add a theme" button  either under ' My themes' or 'Shared themes'. Only main account owners can create/add 'Shared Themes'

To add your theme graphics and color to InviteRight, you first need to have an InviteRight Administration Area, which is automatically created for you when you create an event with InviteRight.

  • Sign in to your Administration Area
  • Click on the Themes tab 
  • Click the Themes link to the far right 
  • Click the Add a Theme link

    Fill out the theme creation form;

    • Theme Name: What you will call your theme. For example, "Christmas Party 2013" 
      Category: Create categories specific to your business. For example, "Staff Parties" or "Conferences" 
      Header/Footer Images: Upload the Header and Footer images you created by clicking the Browse button 
      Background Color: Click the Change Color button to choose a color, or type in your Hexidecimal Color Code (advanced users)
    • Click the "Save" link below the form when you have filled out all fields.
    • My themes: Event Organizers can create these themes. The creator is the only person who can see and use this particular graphic theme
    • Shared themes: are shared with all other users in your InviteRight account
    • Only main account owners can create/add 'Shared Themes'

You're done! You should now see a small version of your theme banner, and the theme will now show up under My Themes when you create events in your own account, or in your owners/organizers' account if you used 'Shared themes'. You can  change your theme, even when the event is live, in the Event Details section of the Adminstration Area.

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