Customized Registration Link – Sharing on website/social media

Define your personalized "Custom URL" in the Details section of the Setup stage.

  • Your custom URL can be shared with your guests even if you are not finished editing your forms - your guests will only see the Countdown to open page. To continue testing with your colleagues, share the Testing link. (see screenshot further below)

You can add also the URL right into your website, or post it in a social media group, following the steps below:

  • Copy and paste the URL that you have provided at the Setup stage.

Or if you wish to review or change your URL 

  • Log in to your account Administration area
  • In the Actions button next to your form, click "View Responses"
  • Next to the Title of your form, click "Edit Links"

  • We recommend that you personalize your URL so that it is easy for your guests to type and remember than the InviteRight event code of numbers and letters
  • You can also change your custom URL and direct your guests to a different weblink at any time, even when your forms are Live. Sharing the "hard link" (the link with the InviteRight event code) does not give you this option.
  • If you have already set your Subdomain, just add the "tail" to your event and you can now share that URL with your guests!
  • Copy the personalized link text starting from http://
  • Paste it into your website or social media page, group, or post

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