Membership List Feature

Membership list is a feature that allows you to offer discount to specific registrants, restrict registration to only members, and even helps to limit the allotment of tickets to every registrant. You can designate a uniform discount to all members on the list, or define a unique discount to each individual member.

For example: One member is successful in fundraising $20, while another $10 - by utilizing the membership list, each member ID would have its associated credit equal to the amount they raised. Alternatively you can also collect membership dues or outstanding fees on an individual basis by adding instead of subtracting from their total purchase.

Here's how to add the Membership List:

  • At the Setup screen, click the checkbox "Manage students or members - limit access or offer individual discounts"

Or at the Edit stage, add the item, "Member ID" 

  • Apply the Membership List settings, provide additional instructions for your members, and answering the questions that 1) specify who is allowed to register for the event 2) how many times an ID may be used for registration

Upload your Membership list by copying and pasting columns from an Excel spreadsheet or by using a Membership list from a previous event

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