I am not receiving emails from InviteRight

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • There is a problem with your email server and your emails are not being delivered properly. Check with your email service administrator or provider
  • SPAM-filtering on your email server or in your email software may have filtered-out the email. Make an adjustment to your SPAM-filter to accept emails from InviteRight@InviteRight.com, or search through your junk email for your get-together.
  • You overlooked the email as junk and accidentally deleted it. Check your deleted items mail folder.
  • You entered an incorrect email address or a 'fake' email address (because you were concerned about us tracking your email). We need to verify your email to give you access to InviteRight, and activate your account and send you all the guest responses. In this case, you'll need to go back and re-do your setup (it will only take a minute)
  • Mail Delays Sometimes email gets queued or delayed on its way to your email address. Please wait several hours, then check your email again.
  • Still not getting the emails? Email our Support Team with your email address and the name of the event you created. We'll look into things from our end and see what we can do to assist.

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