Setup - Payment options and guest payment methods

You can allow your guest to either be invoiced or pay by credit card.

  • Invoice Billing Text- For paid events, you can offer guests the option of being invoiced for payment. The text in the Invoice Payment Instructions box will appear at the bottom of the invoice that is e-mailed to the guest. The text in the Invoice and payment Contact box will appear at the top of the Invoice

  • Use your own Payment Gateway - select your payment gateway (used for collecting credit card information from your guests), and enter your credentials (such as the gateway ID). If you don't know what a payment gateway is, Contact us for more info on accepting credit cards for your event and we will set one up for you. As well, you can have text appear on the guests' credit card statement so they know what they have been charged for.  Typically, we suggest a combination of your organization and the name of your event in an abbreviated form (eg. John's Big Conf.).

    We support major payment gateways such as:, Beanstream, Moneris E-Select, Nelnet QuikPay, Chase Paymentech, Skipjack 

  • Use InviteRight's payment gateway - your account will be setup to select from the InviteRight payment gateway by default. You will not be required to provide transaction credentials - only your customized statement text (that text that appears on the purchaser's month end statement)

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