Form items -adding - hiding - removing

Add a New Item to your Form

  • In EDIT, mouse over any existing item on the form, and you will see an Actions menu appear to the left of that item. To add a new item, select "Add Item" from this menu. Your New Item will appear directly below the field you moused over, but you can click and drag it to wherever you need it on the form once it's been added it.

Once you have selected Add Item, a lightbox will appear with three options

  • Selecting "Create a New Item" will bring you to an additional menu with some standard form questions/items. From here, you can either select an item from the existing menu, or you can choose to add a "New Form Item".

  • To add a brand new form item, select the "Add Item" button at the bottom of the lightbox. This will bring you to the Form Item Settings lightbox, where you can enter an Item Title, Additional Instructions, and determine which kind of question or item you would like to add (Confirmation Checkbox, Pick One Question, Description, etc.) Each Type of item will have it's own associated settings. Certain items (such as Title, and options for Pick One or Pick Many questions) will be required.

  • Once you have set up the question or item, add it to the form by selecting "Save and Exit". Once the item appears on the form, you can click and drag it to the appropriate place on your registration form. If you need to apply additional changes to the item, mouse over that item and select "Edit Details"

Hiding and Restoring Hidden Items on your Form

  • Hiding an item from your form will not remove it entirely from the system. Hiding just removes the item from the form for the current time, but it will still available under "Restore Hidden Items" should you wish to resurface it at a later time.
  • To hide an Item, mouse over the item. From the Actions menu that appears to the left of the item, select "Hide on this form"

  • This will only remove this item from the current page. For example, if you have some descriptive text on the Main Registration page that is also repeated on the Confirmation Page, hiding the item from the Main Registration page will not remove that item from the Confirmation Page (you will need to hide the item from this page as well)
  • NOTE: Because items can be hidden/un-hidden during Live Edit, in the Response View, items that have been hidden will still appear in the reporting columns. To remove these columns from your reporting, you can either create a custom view and filter out these columns, or you can Remove the Item from the form.
  • To Restore a Hidden Item, mouse over an existing item and select "Add Item" (as if you were going to Add a New Item)
  • At the first drop down menu that appears, select "Restore a Hidden Item". This will populate a list of all items that have been hidden from that form. To add the item back to the form, select the item from the list, and click the green "Add to Form" button in the bottom corner. This will resurface the hidden item on that page.

Remove an Item from your Form

  • Removing an item from your form will permanently delete the item - you will not be able to resurface items that have been Removed.
  • To remove an Item entirely, mouse over the item. From the Actions menu that appears to the left of the item, select "Remove on all forms"

  • Unlike hiding items, removing an item will remove it from all pages. For example, if you have some descriptive text on the Main Registration page that is repeated on the Confirmation page, removing the item from either page will permanently delete that item in all places.
  • NOTE: Items cannot be removed from the form once it has gone Live, they can only be hidden.

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