Creating a GST or Tax Report

Creating a unique GST or Tax report for your event is very similar to creating other Custom Reports, but there are a few specific things you'll want to make sure are included.

The Tax report is helpful if you need to provide a Tax breakdown, but only applies to the Main Purchaser, so you won't need to include individual guest details, such as the Attendee First Name or Attendee Last Name. Including these items will cause the Tax amount to appear multiple times in the report (once for each attendee in a given registration), and will not give you an accurate breakdown of the Taxes collected.

Instead, we'll be using some the payment fields, and the Main Purchaser information to create this report.

How to Create a Custom Tax Report

To create your new custom view, follow the steps provided in the  Creating custom reports Help Document until you're at the Column Editor 

  • Give your Custom View a name that will be easy to remember in the future, such as "Tax Report"
  • Once you're at the Column Editor, move all items to the "Hidden Column" section. 
  • Then, add back in the following fields. You may need to re-order the fields (by clicking and dragging each item until you've got the correct order)

NOTE: Ensure the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields are not the "Attendee First Name" and "Attendee Last Name" fields, or this will cause the data to be repeated.

  • Once the correct columns are listed, select "Save" to view your Custom View

  • At the bottom of each column with Fees, a total is shown. You can pull your total Tax amount from here. 
  • Or, Export the View to Excel to view and manipulate the data in Excel

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