Error on page - My ID is on hold or has already been used

Reasons as to why your ID may not be allowing you to proceed forward to the next page:

  • Your ID may not be in the system. Please contact your event organizer to ensure they have included your ID in the list.
  • The ID you have entered does not match what we have in the system. Please contact the event organizer to ensure that they have entered your ID correctly - typos and missing "0's" are known to occur.
  • Your ID may have a restriction set to it. This may be due to outstanding fees to your organization, school, association etc. or the event organizer may have placed a restriction allowing you to only use your ID for a single registration. Please contact your organizer for details regarding your restriction.
  • You have have an ongoing registration that was not closed out properly. Were you able to make it to the map page, and then your computer died before you could pay? Something like this may be the culprit! Please allow the system some time to clear out your attempt; your ID will be on hold for 30 minutes before you can attempt again. 

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