I see my table or seat selection but I can't pay

We suspect you may have run into the following scenario:

  1. You've filled out all your registration information
  2. Picked a seat/table
  3. One of the following issues occurred - the system timed out, computer froze, browser crashed, etc.
  4. When you return to the registration page you can see yourself still placed on the table but you're unable to finish paying for it

When you select a table on the map, it is reserved under your name for 30 mins. If your registration attempt is abandoned for any reason, your registration becomes a "ghost" registration. You can either wait for 30 minutes for your failed registration to clear up and select your table again (this DOES NOT guarantee you will be able to reserve the same table again as other people are also registering too). Or call us to force-expire it from the backend so that you can re-register immediately.

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