Refund a specific item within a response

  • Sign in at
  • You will be on the My Events page. Click on the title that links to your event
  • From this Event Details page, search for the guest response you wish to refund. 
  • Clicking the Actions button next to that Guest response, select Edit Response from the drop down list.
  • Reduce or remove the items associated with the ensuing refund. Any item originally purchased can be removed from the registration. For example, if an individual has purchased two tickets and one person is no longer attending, use the red subtraction button and reduce the Tickets from 2 to 1. 
  • If the response was associated to a group, InviteRight will ask you to specify the attendees of the group that are no longer attending. Remove those attendees and click Update to proceed forward.
  • You will arrive at the Payment page where you can review the newly revised break down of Fees. InviteRight will automatically calculate the amount that should be refunded to your guest. If however you wish to include Administrative fees, use the "Adjust this Total" button to reveal the Fee Adjustment number box. Enter in your Administrative/Cancellation Fee and be sure to click the "Save and Update Total" button to see how the Cancellation Fee impacts the payment break down and the Refund total to your guest.
  • To issue the Refund, click on the "Save and ISSUE Refund"

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