Void a transaction

You will only be able to void a transaction prior to 10pm MT on the same day of the purchase, after which you may process a refund. 

  • Sign in at https://www.inviteright.com/login
  • You will be on the My Events page. Click on the title that links to your event
  • From this Event Details page, search for the guest response you wish to void. 
  • Clicking the Actions button next to that Guest response, select Delete from the drop down list.
  • You will be informed that "Refunds prior to 10pm MST on the same day as the original transaction will be VOIDED for a $0.50 fee." By voiding the transaction before the purchase is fully processed, the credit card merchant fees will not apply.
  • Click Refund & Delete and your guest's credit card will not be charged for the registration.
  • Please note that if you click Delete Without Refund, your guest will be charged for the registration and the response record will be deleted from your Response list.

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