Registering on behalf of a guest and recording cash or cheque payment

the Administrator can manually add guest responses by:

  •   Clicking on the status of your event  
  •   Beside the  Response List, click Add RSVP / Add Registration 

You must have all of the necessary information from your guest to process their registration through the admin area, including credit card information if you are collecting payment.  As you are logged into the system, InviteRight will allow you to complete the registration with special privileges only available to the administrator, including: 

  • Selecting reserved spaces on the Interactive Floor Map 
  • Selecting the Complimentary purchase option 
  • Setting Fee Adjustments to the purchase price 
  • Issuing an invoice to guests (whether or not the invoicing option is set for guests) 
  • Receiving an onsite payment
  • Use the "Invoice Guest" option and enter the amount paid or if you wish to save time you may use the "Receive Full Payment Onsite" and the amount received will automatically be pre-filled with the total payment owing on the registration.

  • Be sure to use the "Invoice Guest" option if your registrant has NOT paid in full. If the event does not contain any pre-existing Invoice payment instructions, please enter the instructions you would like for your guest to follow in submitting payment to you within the text box provided.
  • Fill out the remaining payment information and click on the "Register and Pay" button to complete the transaction

Note: If you have the guest email address, they will receive a confirmation. If you don't, enter your own email address and forward the confirmation from your email to your guest.


  • If you have the guest email address, they will receive a confirmation. If you don't, and you need to send them an invoice, enter your own email address and the invoice is emailed to you so you can forward or mail them the receipt
  • Click the Refresh button to update your listing of registrations

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